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Hair colouring can cause skin irritation on certain individuals, so it is recommended to perform a sensitivity test 48 hours before using it.

Please remember to keep the product away from children and store it in a cool and dry place, away from the direct light. It is not intended to dye eyelashes, eyebrows, beards or mustaches. You should immediately rinse your eyes in case of contact with the product.

For more information, read the FAQs on the FAQ page or read the leaflet cautions inside Herbatint package.


Protect and cuddle your hair during the icy month!

  • Cold and hair will never get along. Maybe.

    Winter, because of the cold, is the time of year when the health of our hair is more at risk. While the humidity of summer makes the hair dull and opaque, the thermal changes, typical of this season, can damage the hair fiber and trigger skin abnormalities.
    The hair is subject to stress caused by dry air or heating, very common reason, from contact with wool scarves, hats and sweaters that bring the hair to electrify.
    So, you need to moisturize your hair as you would in the summer, to avoid brittle and dry hair.
    Follow the Master Colorist advice to choose the nourishing and protective products during the coldest months of the year!

  • If you have coloured hair, choose the Normalizing shampoo for a gentle cleansing and to preserve the brilliance of the colour. Thanks to its Aloe Vera extracts and a total absence of parabens and silicones, it allows to strengthen your hair and restore their natural PH.

  • If you have natural hair, choose Camomile shampoo which, thanks to the combination of chamomile, rhubarb and saffron extracts and a total absence of parabens and silicones, guarantees hair shine and hydration, reviving its natural reflexes.

  • For all hair types the most important advice is to choose the regenerating Royal Cream, an unique formula enriched with Aloe Vera, jojoba oil and wheat germ extracts. A moisturiser that nourishes and deeply restructures dry, damaged or frequently dyed hair and thanks to its acid PH, restores the natural balance of the skin and closes the cuticles of the hair, helping to preserve the intensity of natural or coloured hair for a long time!